Epoxy floor coating renders concrete exceptionally durable. Epoxy coatings lasts longer than many types of flooring. When installed properly, it can last for several decades without cracking or peeling. Besides the durability, its lifespan makes it popular for commercial and industrial use.

As we already mentioned, epoxy resin is very durable. However, despite its strength, what makes epoxy resin so easy to work with is how sanitary it can be. Extremely easy to clean, it is ideal for businesses, kitchens, and laboratories that need to maintain a sterile environment. As it is substantial (i.e., it is non-porous), it won’t matter what cleaning method or product you use. It is nearly impossible to create cracks or damage to the surface, meaning it will remain shiny after years of use.

Epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks. In the long run, this can save you a great deal on cleaning and maintenance costs by eliminating the need to clean carpet or grout. It’s also very reasonably priced for the duration and level of protection that it offers.

Acrylic Concrete Resurfacing of Existing Concrete Slabs is an option for homeowners who have aging concrete and would like to Improve it's appearance. It is referred to as Acrylic Concrete because a Texture Resin (Concrete Glue) is mixed with the concrete. This combination allows for excellent bonding of the overlay (1/4 inch thick) to the existing slab. All cracks are treated with epoxy prior to the overlay and stress joints are cut where the cracks are to control future stress cracks to the slab.

  Permanent Concrete Waterfalls are an amazing addition to any Pool Deck or Landscaped portion of your property. Rebar is anchored to existing slabs providing the structural stability for multiple concrete stones to be built and arranged. So stable that they can support the weight of a full grown man. We can put a waterfall virtually anywhere. Call today to find out what we can do for you!

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