Metallic Epoxy Floors

Easiest Floors to Maintain!

There are absolutely NO places for dirt, oi, grease, urine or bacteria TO HIDE! Got a Roomba? You'll Love these Floors! Simple Sweeping and mopping is all that's needed to clean! That's it!

Let Us Remove Your Dirty Smelly Carpet for FREE!!

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Chocolate with Khaki Highlights

What color combination would you choose?

Cleaning and Maintaining your Metallic Epoxy Floor couldn't be easier. We recommend regular sweeping and mopping using your every day dish washing soap with water. Mix 1/3 cup of soap with 4 to 5 liters of water. It is that EASY! There are no hidden places for the dirt to get into and give you trouble while cleaning. You can be sure that your floor will always be perfectly clean with minimal effort.

To Maintain the shine of your floor we recommend using floor wax periodically.

Pearl With Gunmetal Highlights

Certain color combinations mimic the look of Marble

A shiny surface and top coat with mirrored effect make for a fantastic home or work space coatings product.The shiny reflection gives it a necessary dose of glamour and elegance that will increase the professional feeling you get in your home or work space that you can’t get with standard flooring. One step in the room with this kind of floor and it will leave everyone impressed.

Besides the attractive looks, metallic epoxy floors are also known for their durability so they’re suitable for heavy use. Like in garage workshops, for example. The process of installation is relatively quick and what’s maybe the most important to you, the cleaning is extremely easy. 

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March 15, 2018

Goes over bare concrete or level, seamless wood. Carpet, wood and Linoleum is removed.  Tile can either be removed or self leveling concrete applied followed by the Epoxy. Each Floor or Countertop we do is completely unique to the homeowner we do it for.  If you use the same colors on 10 differently floors, you will have 10 completely unique floors because as the epoxy hardens, the metallic pigments move differently every time.  With it’s three-dimensional look and brushed structure, metallic epoxy is a fantastically unique option for the Homeowner in a “cookie-cutter” market we see today. Depending on your needs and preferences, we’re sure you can include it in at least one room or on one countertop in your house and make it reflect your personality.

The Epoxy we use cures harder than concrete.  It is used in Industrial settings because of its durability.

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